Wednesday, June 14, 2017

April Snapshots

Three sweet sisters

my favorite place to be

All dressed and ready for the Preschool Dance

Little buddies

The first graders!

Juliet's favorite spot of the night...hanging with Mrs. B

Dancing with daddy

Ella and her teacher, Mrs. Keel

Her jam came on! Get it, girl!

Sweet baby love 💙

Girlfriend loves spaghetti!

Without family nearby, friends become family too! So thankful for friends who take care of our girls when we need help! (and send pictures!)

In his last weeks at the police academy, Uncle Cory took advantage of his free time and being just down the road from us. He stopped by for some spontaneous visits and the girls were so excited. Look at this welcome committee complete with a celebratory sign.

Juliet is always at the front door with shoes in hand or nearby ready to go somewhere. On this morning, she was watching her daddy take her sisters to school and was sad that she couldn't go with them!

Visiting Ella's classroom to celebrate Easter with ice cream sundaes, lots of songs about Jesus and a bunch of cute 4 year olds!

The month of April was full of challenges for our family. I got sick and we started navigating some unknown health issues. The girls were so sweet to spend time with me however they could, but it made me sad that that meant lots of time on the couch with a walk thrown in here or there. There is nothing that makes you long for health and normalcy more than being completely wiped out unexpectedly. As much as I don't want to remember the hard (and you can see the hard in my face in these pics), it's important to remember what God has done as we move forward from here. It's not easy being in the trenches, but I look forward to seeing how God has intended this for good. His plan is greater than anything I could plan for myself.

This one never gets old! Ella had us cracking up as she made it.

Abby, Ella and Joe enjoyed a special joint birthday gift from Aunt Cyncy at an afternoon production of the Sound of Music! The girls have loved the movie for years which made the live performance extra exciting for them!

All dressed up and looking lovely for the theatre 😍

Loving every hint of spring...

You guys....she is seven! 😜

Abby appreciates a before and after pic just like her mommy. When I asked her to organize the shoes, she insisted on documenting her progress.

She organizes like a champ!

First summer ice cream!

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