Wednesday, August 2, 2017


In May, we celebrated this guy in a big way as one of his biggest dreams came true! Cory graduated from the NYS police academy and became a state trooper. Everyone gathered at our house for the festivities and lots of memories were made in a short period of time. There were a couple of ceremonies followed by a big party in our backyard.

Everyone was extra excited because Mama was here!

Some of my favorite parts of those days together was the downtime. All the dogs and all the family in one room relaxing at the end of the day makes me smile. Everyone took a turn squeezing in next to Papa for some before bed Wheel of Fortune watching.

The graduation ceremony was extra special as the NYS troopers celebrated their 100 year anniversary.

Hanging with Dad waiting for the ceremony to start...

So proud of him!

Lots of Cory's NYPD friends came up for the graduation and were in uniform for the ceremony.

The yard filled up quickly with friends and family who traveled significant distances to celebrate this guy (and on a Wednesday evening of all times).

My cousin's baby girl, Leila, and Juliet are the same age and we had so much fun watching them play together.

Grandma and Nagymama

Mom and Grandma

The Dyers! It's not often that everyone is together in one place.

The friends

The Cops.  I've never had so much law enforcement at my house at one time!

There are a few important people missing from this pic, but this is the most family we've had together in one place since my wedding ten years ago. It was a special moment for Cory and all of us. There was no way you could look around the yard that night and not know how loved Cory is and how proud of him we all are. We love you, D!

This is what the morning after a really fun party looks like. 😍

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